The Case

A school assignment about a modern Vinyl store. Developing a brand that sells vinyl’s
in a more modern way than the usual music stores in Denmark.

The task had a few requirements and limits, that had to be solved and followed tightly.
The required graphic task were: A digital platform (Website), Limited edition collectors box (Print),
Logo design, Corporate identity & Book design.

Webshop design

The website was designed using Adobe XD and was built as a webshop for Vinylpride. 

The website has different functions such as:
– Webshop (From product page to checkout)
– User profile (Favorites, Order history)
– Expert information about the vinyls on the page
– Reviews and recommendations
– Spin wheel to score a discount

Watch all the features in the video below the pages.

Webshop video

collectors book

One of the tasks was to create a “booklet” to the collectors box.

I created this booklet with inspiration in the AC/DC branding.  Found a big interest in creating something that didn’t involve the lightning but still had the power and electricity of the band.

collectors box

Another task was to create a collectors box for the real fans.

With inspiration from the first album “High Voltage” released in 1975 I created this electrical box that look like the artwork on the debut album.

The box has the collectors book and the first album as a re-release.
It’s built as a collectors piece and is made as a display.

High Voltage Album

(Only released in Australia)